Scholarships for studying abroad

100% scholarship to study engineering in Germany

Bright students have a great opportunity awaiting them in Germany. You can study any subject of engineering in the world renowned institutions there if you have academically excelled and have high IELTS scores. The German government gives 100% scholarships to all deserving brilliant students. Check out if you are eligible. 

Scholarship to study in Italy

Italy provides scholarships for meritorious students with weak financial background. Known as Regional Scholarship, the scholarship is awarded to students opting for Management , Engineering, and Healthcare Programs.

Educational and career fulfilment

Our global presence helps us to cater to students with a service that’s as personalized as it can get. Our actions, both internal and external, continuously reflect this attitude. That’s why ABC’s corporate character can be encapsulated as authentic, bespoke, and caring.

our stature

Our unparalleled global reach and well established networks, developed over 25 years, enable us to offer the most authentic information and expert guidance relating to each student’s particular academic and career preference.

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our approach

The admission guidance and the mentoring process at ABC are individually tailored to meet the unique requirements and attributes of each student. ABC believes that the right fit is the best guarantee for the best outcomes.

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our culture

From the initial contact itself, we pay individual attention to each student in the selection of the right course, right university and the right country. Working closely with students and their families, our continuing support, even regarding employment and PR, enriches the student experience abroad.

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