Frequently Asked Questions

A: Countries like Canada, America, Germany and many countries of the European Union grant scholarships above 50% for studious students. Apart from this, there are universities that provide monthly stipends for accommodation and food. ABC has offices in almost all of the places of the major universities across the world. Through these offices ABC provides information on these scholarship programs and other stipends and helps the students achieve the same. By providing the maximum of these benefits to students, our students are able to complete their studies abroad free of cost.

A: Everybody gets scholarships. Depending on the marks obtained and the fluency of the national language, the universities decide on the amount for the scholarship. The applications that ABC receives from the students will be sent to the preferred universities. ABC’s choices are in favor of the best ranked university and also the university that provides the most scholarships. Ans: Everybody gets scholarships. Depending on the marks obtained and the fluency of the national language, the universities decide on the amount for the scholarship. The applications that ABC receives from the students will be sent to the preferred universities. ABC’s choices are in favor of the best ranked university and also the university that provides the most scholarships.

A: Universities abroad maintain international standards in their curriculums. Different departments have appropriate and up-to date curriculum. The faculties comprises of expert teachers, scientists and other academicians, best in their fields. Labs, workshops and libraries inevitably maintain international benchmarks. These are some of the fundamental differences between Indian universities and universities abroad

A: Normally study visa is obtained once the necessary documents are submitted. Stay back visa will be obtained only after successful completion of the course. Most of the country’s student visas are structured such that every student who has successfully completed their course, will be allowed to stay back, work full time, and can even take up permanent residency. Students are provided opportunities to stay back and obtain PR in countries like America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Germany and other European countries.

A: ABC recruits students to only internationally acclaimed universities across the world. The degrees obtained from these universities enable one to work anywhere in the world.

A: Definitely yes. The information needed to be provided to the bank, which is mainly information regarding the university and course will be provided by ABC. When necessary, ABC also involves itself by directly contacting the senior officers of the bank.

A: Countries like Latvia and Lithuania belongs to the European Union and provides Schengen visa. Almost all of the universities of the European Union and their certificates are valid throughout 26 European countries including Germany. Those students who are currently enrolled in a program can also avail for a change of university. Moreover on completion of the course, the candidate can work in any of the 26 European countries and can also opt for a PR.

A: ABC provides MBBS admission only for those universities approved by the Medical Council of India. An application for the eligibility certificate of MCI needs to be submitted immediately upon joining of the course.

A: Engineers in China are paid around 1.5 to 2 Lakhs of Rupees. The Chinese government also gives eligibility to continue working in china - a green card or a permanent visa.

A: Countries like America, Canada, Europe and China are some of the safest places to live according to the UN organizations. Universities are selected by ABC in a meticulous manner. The senior management at ABC makes it a point to directly go over to these universities and analyze their standards thoroughly and only if they are in total approval of these, do they sign up.

A: Family members can be brought during the educational period itself. Partners can be brought along during the educational period in countries like America, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Mauritius, Australia, Germany and Europe. Depending on the qualifications of your partners, and according to the laws of the country, it is possible for the partners to take up full time jobs and apply for permanent residency.

A: Refund fees are attained according to the refund rules of that country. The fees remitted in all the foreign universities are insured via the government of that country.

A: When an aspiring candidate walks in, depending on his/her financial condition, taste and talent, ABC helps to decide the choice of the course and university for that student. The full processes including admission, visa processing, visa documentation, visa submission, preparation for embassy interview, etc . are all performed by ABC. The in flight precautions, introduction to the culture, lifestyle and mannerisms of the country of choice are all provided in detail to the candidate. Representatives of ABC will be taking the students from the airport. Along with providing mobile connection, bank account, medical insurance, passes to travel in trains and busses, students are also given a general introduction to the religious places around and supermarkets having Indian food. The students are also trained to use public transports of that country. ABC also provides facility for money exchange. Some of the countries permit only part time jobs with student visa; these students can work full time during the weekends and other holidays.

A: The holidays of each country vary, but during Christmas and New Year, there are holidays for almost a month in all the countries. During this time of the year, every student can come down to India. Students are provided with multiple entry student visas, which enable them to travel multiple times. Those countries which permit only part time jobs with student visa, allow working full time during the holiday season.

A: Embassy interview training is crucial for a candidate. For embassy interviews of countries like America, Europe etc ., ABC provides free and outstanding training for 3-4 days. The visa success rates of 100% is in itself an indicator of the matchless success of ABC.

A: Every student mandatorily has to take medical insurance on reaching a foreign country. There is no need to worry about the treatment charges as the insurance takes care of this.

A: The laws pertaining to educational visas will differ according to the country. Considering the visa laws of the country, if a tourist visa or dependent visa is obtainable for the family or relative, then they can definitely avail it to go over and visit the student. ABC will certainly help with regards to this also.

A: There are many multitudes of proficient teams throughout the world who rate these universities, depending on the various standards. Among these, is the most trusted popular.

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