University Selection Criteria

University selection Criteria 

ABC’s expertise of understanding foreign courses and determining the authenticity and legitimacy of each of these are the cardinal points which make us stand apart from our competitors. Selecting universities is a very time-consuming and important process not only from the admission point of view but also because applying to universities is very expensive by Indian standards. Moreover, the best university might not have courses tailored according to our necessary specifications and standards. We at ABC, look at the following points before signing on with a university.

  1. Ranking of the Universities
  2. Accreditation
  3. Courses and its relevance
  4. Tuition Fee
  5. Infrastructure / facilities
  6. Scholarships & Assistantships
  7. Safety and security
  8. Student-Faculty Ratio
  9. Experience, qualification and quality of the faculty
  10. Number of inventions to the universities credit
  11. Number of journals and books published
  12. Student exchange programmes
  13. Placement assistance and campus selection
  14. Opportunities for higher education and research with scholarship
  15. Presence of Indian Community
  16. On Campus accommodation
  17. On-Campus & Off-Campus Job Opportunities
  18. Climatic Conditions
  19. Employment Success Rate after Completion of Course
  20. Visa Success Rate

our stature

Our unparalleled global reach and well established networks, developed over 25 years, enable us to offer the most authentic information and expert guidance relating to each student’s particular academic and career preference.

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our approach

The admission guidance and the mentoring process at ABC are individually tailored to meet the unique requirements and attributes of each student. ABC believes that the right fit is the best guarantee for the best outcomes.

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our culture

From the initial contact itself, we pay individual attention to each student in the selection of the right course, right university and the right country. Working closely with students and their families, our continuing support, even regarding employment and PR, enriches the student experience abroad.

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