"There are two lasting bequests we can give our children.  
One is roots.  The other is wings."


Let not our children be stunted in their aspirations and stranded in their goals.....Show them another horizon of myriad opportunities and potential.... Let them fly away ....Let them conquer....Let them succeed.... 

Every parent aspires and struggles to give the best in education to their children but somehow our thoughts are diminutive and never escalates to the level of imparting global education. It would be surprising to know that education abroad is not as pricey as we assume it to be. On the contrary it can be of the same cost or less expensive than studying in India. 

Knowledge is more valuable and more powerful than natural resources, big factories, or fat bankrolls. Intellectual human resource capital determines the country’s growth potential and this in turn is a by product of our educational institutions. Most of the Indian educational institutions still implement outdated methods and curriculum which in turn churns out impractical, diffident, confused and aimless “educated” individuals. These people cut a sorry figure when they encounter a global competition with individuals who have undergone training in the state-of-art and up-to-date methods from the foreign universities. 

At ABC we introduce you to a transcendent academic ambience for instigating global competitiveness and see it as our responsibility to act as a catalyst for the creation of a metamorphosed generation – a generation that is globally spirited.  As a seasoned academician, understanding the potential of new India and considering the slight misgivings of a developing nation, it had always dawned upon me to open this arena for the financially weak students also.  Considering this we have incorporated programs for the deserving, which are absolutely free of charge. There are number of students who already avail this facility and contrary to the general norms of students who cater to education abroad, we ensure the prospects reach out to all deserving candidates across the country. 

Merits of education abroad 

  • Renowned educationalists and scientists take classes directly.
  • Get familiarized with the latest technologies.
  • Enjoy the perfect ambience to study.
  • Opportunity to earn while you learn.
  • Increase your employment prospects and field of opportunities.
  • To get a PR on completion of your education.
  • Prospects of bringing your family on board.

A new wave of change has hit our shore since some time.  Paradigms are being challenged and new ideas have brought about a change from conventional to radical. Closed doors are being opened, avenues are re-explored and with that bit of extra mile to go, the end can be sighted. The shrinking of global scenario has not only made communication easier but also imperative. At ABC we understand your requisites and give opportunity for your dreams to grow big and prosper. 


Dr. Henry Joseph




our stature

Our unparalleled global reach and well established networks, developed over 25 years, enable us to offer the most authentic information and expert guidance relating to each student’s particular academic and career preference.

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our approach

The admission guidance and the mentoring process at ABC are individually tailored to meet the unique requirements and attributes of each student. ABC believes that the right fit is the best guarantee for the best outcomes.

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our culture

From the initial contact itself, we pay individual attention to each student in the selection of the right course, right university and the right country. Working closely with students and their families, our continuing support, even regarding employment and PR, enriches the student experience abroad.

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