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Though the major attraction of an overseas education is from the perspective of future employment, there are plenty of other factors that make studying abroad a rewarding and fulfilling experience - the opportunity to discover and experience a different culture, the chance to acquire life-skills and the sheer joy of making friends from all around the world.


The ABC Group is headed by Dr. Henry Joseph, a dynamic personality and a visionary infused with deep knowledge and far-sightedness. His perceptive vision and keen business acumen provide the necessary leadership and impetus to ABCs activities. Dr. Henry has more than 25 years experience in International Education and Career counseling, representing more than 200 of universities of around 27 countries.  Widely travelled and highly connected, he has attended various educational fairs throughout the world and has conducted many seminars, at various schools and colleges across the country, on Foreign Education to enhance students' awareness levels.  Dr. Henry has a mission where he foresees a globally competitive generation in the making, and with his dedication and hard work, his dreams are not afar. 


The counselling team at ABC consists of professionals with extensive knowledge of the Overseas Education and also with a deep understanding of the Learning Domain.  Proficiency in counselling and mentoring is our distinction, that makes us class apart from the others in this field.  We understand that it might be tough for you to choose an appropriate course and an appropriate college/university, so we provide comprehensive career counselling for a better understanding of the educational scenario and career prospects overseas. Our focused and personalized services have helped us develop close-knit professional relation with many of our clients who in turn end up as our biggest marketers. ABC's Admissions Guidance & Mentoring Program is designed specifically to help you and your family navigate confidently through the maze of decisions and make the most informed choices possible regarding your global education needs.


Once you have decided on the course, university and country; the next big and elaborate step would be along with our administrative department.  The multi-step process starts with; 

Visa documentation and filing 

There is an exclusive team for the visa documentation, who serve you dedicatedly to handle all the procedures effectively and in a hassle-free manner.  Our experienced team assist you through all the documentation procedures involving fine prints. We have expert and resourceful team that can help you with all the necessary steps. 

Interaction with the university 

There is an ABC team devoted solely to constantly interact with the various universities.  Updation and clarifications are done on a regular basis; therefore there is total clarity envisaged.  We do keep in constant track of our existing clients and never lose contact with them.

  • Embassy interview – training and briefing.
  • Pre departure briefing and cross country culture training.
  • Travel accommodation and airport pickup.
  • Introduction to university.

Our administrative department makes the otherwise tedious and painful process a cake walk. We provide you ample guidance all through the process and stands by you in every juncture.


The ABC marketing department is a dedicated and factual and are absolutely concerned about the authenticity of their marketing strategies.  Finding the right university and right college is a difficult job, especially when you want to pursue studies abroad. There are hundreds of International Universities boasting their quality of education but not all of them are what they advertise. This becomes more important when you are spending substantial sum in pursuing studies abroad.  As one of the leading study abroad consultants in the nation, we ensure that we do not make false promises or we do not use any illegal means to coax you into compromising your future.  Our marketing team makes it a prime concern that the client gets a full understanding of the facts of his/her preferred course of study.


The finance and accounts department at ABC deals with the multitude of accounts and finance dealings of our concern.  With the expertise and guidance of experienced individuals in this regard, we have forever maintained a transparency in all our dealings; thus making us the most sought after group in the country.  

Support and Guidance 

The ABC support and guidance Department is a unique initiative of the ABC groups, adding more laurels to our wreath.  Most of the other consultants prefer to wash their hands off once the aspiring student enrols in the university. ABC stands for innovation and uniqueness, and is always a genuine well wisher of yours in all phases of your realization of dreams. After your education abroad we help you in attaining PR, obtaining jobs or other further settlements.  

our stature

Our unparalleled global reach and well established networks, developed over 25 years, enable us to offer the most authentic information and expert guidance relating to each student’s particular academic and career preference.

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our approach

The admission guidance and the mentoring process at ABC are individually tailored to meet the unique requirements and attributes of each student. ABC believes that the right fit is the best guarantee for the best outcomes.

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our culture

From the initial contact itself, we pay individual attention to each student in the selection of the right course, right university and the right country. Working closely with students and their families, our continuing support, even regarding employment and PR, enriches the student experience abroad.

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